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Company Nave Packaging  Founded in 1988 and specializes in the design, manufacture import plastic and glass.
The company specializes in providing packaging solutions for leading cosmetics manufacturers and manufacturing industries, with emphasis on the pharmaceutical industries, food and detergents.
Nave Packaging  outstanding service packages efficiently, tailored customer needs, and ability to provide original packaging on demand.

The company offers a selection of quality products:
• Bottles
• Jars
• plugs
• a variety of related products, such as pumps, Mzlapim, gaskets, etc.

Nave packaging customers include manufacturers of cosmetics, pharmacies, laboratories, and spa centers.
Showroom & Warehouse - 1 Paran St., Yavne  |  Postal address: 3/26 Kalman Biyaler St.,
Rehovot 76661,  Israel
Tel: 08-9356781,  Fax: 08-9356782 Mobile: +972(0)52-2739840,  +972(0)52-2216887